Steep Tea Co is a loose, organic, and original tea purveyor based out of Oakland, California.


After not seeing each other for two years, Molly and Karina reunited in February of 2013. They met at SFO and headed to New Zealand for a two month camper van excursion. When they landed after the long flight, they both felt a desperate need for caffeine. They decided for the duration of their trip to get off the coffee train. They found a loose leaf tea shop outside of Auckland on their second day before heading North into the bush. From then on, days were spent exploring and pulling over to heat up water in the van. The two could not get steeped enough and tea became the topic of almost every conversation.  At communal campsites, late at night, they would make pots of chamomile and share hot cups with others. Fellow campers began to inquire regularly about their passion for tea. It was then they realized how they wanted to continue sharing their love for tea with others and Steep was born.

Upon returning from their trip, Molly & Karina were both alone, living at home, with dreams of starting a mini tea empire of their own. They both decided to move back to the Bay Area where they could realize their vision. In the fall of 2013 they settled into a house in West Oakland. They quickly realized the huge gap between quality coffee and tea. Artisan coffee was easily accessible, usually with a sad offering of dusty tea bags beside it. The mission was clear: they needed to bring higher quality tea to the people. With a fresh and modern approach, they began sourcing organic tea and drying local herbs, roots, and citrus. 

Since then, Steep has grown into a small batch tea provider. Their loose blends are always evolving with a rotating menu of seasonal concoctions alongside playful Steep classics. Their creative teas and tisanes are available for purchase in Oakland cafes as well as Steep’s rotating pop-up shop. They plan on operating full-time from their vintage Jeep postal van, Belle. In the meantime, the Steep ladies continue to motivate others to discover the world of tea and all it's health benefits. Slow down and enjoy the moment. Get steeped or die trying.